Do You Want To Write For Us?

Do you have an epic travel story that you would love to tell people about? Or do you feel called to share your digital nomad experience to inspire and guide others? If so, why not submit a guest post to our blog?

At Nomad Habitat, we are a fast-growing habitat for both seasoned digital nomads and those who aspire to work remotely. We partner up aspiring digital nomads with remote work gurus and share remote jobs with our community members.

However, we also provide free resources via our blog. These include valuable tips and tricks on how to become a successful digital nomad, along with travel stories and inspiration.

As a community, we like to involve our members as much as possible. Therefore, we are always on the lookout for ghost writers who want to share their wealth of knowledge in all things travel and remote work.

And don’t worry, you don’t need to be an experienced writer. Even if you’ve never written a blog post before, you’re welcome to submit your article idea to us. All you need is a passion for sharing your experience with the world!

Why you should write for us

There are many great reasons to write a blog post for Nomad Habitat.

● Writing a blog post is a great way to put your experience into words and share your voice with thousands of people. You may not even realize how much knowledge you have gained from your travels and remote lifestyle until you start to write about it.

● You could find that you have a flair with words and discover a hidden talent. Perhaps, it will even inspire you to pursue a new remote career.

● Your expertise will help aspiring digital nomads to land their first remote job and transition smoothly into life as a digital nomad. As a guest writer for a digital nomad platform, you will become a trustworthy source of information that aspiring digital nomads look up to and seek out.

What you can write about

As long as it is related to travel, digital nomadism and remote working, you can write about whatever you feel inspired to share, such as:

● How you became a digital nomad
● What you have learned from traveling and working remotely
● Remote working tips you have picked up along your journey
● Advice for others on how to get started as a digital nomad
● The best destinations for Digital Nomads

How to become a guest writer for Nomad Habitat

Please send us a short description of the article you would like to write for the chance to have your article published on our blog. Submit your topic idea via our contact page. We will review it and get back to you in 24 hours if we would like to feature it on our blog.

All the articles we publish on the Nomad Habitat blog need to be 100% original. This means that, unfortunately, we cannot publish articles that have been published elsewhere.