Nomad Habitat is not just a Remote Job Board but also a networking hub for Digital Nomads and Remote Workers. At Nomad Habitat, remote job seekers network with people and companies who are important for them and their businesses, and also, at the same time they apply for their dream remote jobs, totally free of charge.


At Nomad Habitat, community members can publish blog posts to promote their background, company and/or service for free.


We believe Nomad Habitat will become one of the major Digital Nomad & Remote Work platforms in the near future. To do so, we have been connecting with thousands of remote companies and will start launching best travel offers, community discounts, giveaways & surprises for our community members in the upcoming months.
Nomad Habitat is owned by Pixelo Mobile Ltd., a UK based limited company.
Company Address: Demsa Accounts, 278 Langham Road,
London, United Kingdom, N15 3NP
Company number: 10585806

One of the great features we bring is a dedicated networking section that allows users to add and build connections through our platform. This does not only helps users collaborate with each other but also allows recruiters to find potential employees by connecting with users directly through the networking section. It is a great way to remove communication barriers and directly connect recruiters with job seekers. This feature offers a great competitive advantage in a very dynamic job market.

Remote jobs are a great way to take your expertise to a global audience and find a place where you fit in best without needing to leave the comfort of your home or co-space and without having to commute outrageous distances.

In this global economy, organizations now started to look for talented individuals across the globe to fill in their ranks with the best people out there. With this new culture, a great new market has opened up that lets people find jobs remotely anywhere in the world that suits their talents and abilities.


For companies and organizations looking to utilize the platform for recruitment, we let users post jobs and vacancies for free, without any hidden charges or having to deal with long and cumbersome processes. Companies can find potential employees and interact directly through the networking section or individual profiles. Moreover, recruiters can even scour the blog posts of users to find the right person for the job.


As an innovative entrant, we also bring some great features that enable our users to increase their visibility and web presence on the platform by allowing blog posts, commenting and posting in the community networking section. All of this combines to give our users a boost of visibility on the platform where recruiters can view their posts and interact with them directly through their individual profiles.

Our users could write a blog post detailing their professional experience and expertise and we will post it for FREE in the blog section for everyone to read. Or, a user could also write a great proposal telling recruiters why it would be great to hire him or her for a specific role and let people know what they can do!


Overall, we’ve designed the platform and its features with a well thought out approach incorporating all the needs of recruiters and job seekers alike. The platform has a singular aim to increase the likelihood of finding what you need on the platform as a job seeker or an employer – both for free!

Register for a hands-on experience, Stay tuned as we’re set to release some exciting new features very soon. Head over to the board and find out what all the hype is about!


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