Why You Should Stay In Coliving Spaces In Your Journeys

We all know coliving spaces are some of the best places to stay while traveling. But why? That’s what you’ll find out below!

Let’s make something clear first though: coliving is not just staying in a shared room or an apartment with other travelers. It is that, but coliving also involves daily cooperation and coordination on various activities, such as cooking, cleaning, welcoming new people who arrive at your coliving space etc. This makes coliving spaces much more than just regular old hostels or hotels.

Staying in coliving spaces has so many advantages that it would be silly not to do so if you can afford it . I’ll list some of the reasons here why coliving spaces are so great for digital nomads and coliving spaces should be part of all our travels:

1. You meet like-minded people

Let’s start with the obvious one: coliving spaces filled with other digital nomads are the ultimate places to meet people who think like you. Your coliving space is your second home, where you know everyone and where they know you. This immediately creates a feeling of belonging and community . The vibe among coliving residents is different from that at hostels or hotels – there’s always someone around to hang out with and talk about stuff 🙂

2. You find roommates for life (and work)

Staying in coliving spaces means having roommates , which is something we usually for when we travel anyway . But coliving spaces make it way different and better! You get to share your coliving space with people who are also digital nomads , meaning you’re all constantly on the go and exploring new places together. This means coliving is not just a great place for traveling, but also for work: your coliving roommates might become future clients or business partners . Not to mention how coliving spaces usually let colivers (coliving residents) use coworking spaces included in their coliving prices .

3. There’s no kitchen clean-up duty

Ever been annoyed at constantly having to do kitchen clean-up? I certainly did when I was still staying in hostels and hotels and cooking my own meals That hassle simply doesn’t exist when coliving. Because coliving spaces offer fully-equipped kitchens , and coliving residents voluntarily take turns to cook and clean up so no one has to do it alone. And because colivers go out for dinner or drinks together, there’s always someone around when you arrive home from work hungry and craving a meal 🙂

4. You get access to an amazing pool of resources

Staying in coliving spaces means that you get access to other colivers’ stuff: Think of the clothes in everyone’s bag! This sounds like a mess at first, but colivers actually respect each other’s property and only borrow items they know will be returned. What’s more, coliving spaces almost always let colivers use coworking and/or common spaces , which means coliving residents get to use a whole lot of stuff that usually isn’t included in coliving prices.

5. You get a kitchen full of groceries

One thing colivers often tell me is how much they value coliving spaces because coliving lets them buy fresh fruit and veggies every day! I remember how difficult it was for me to eat healthy when traveling, especially when staying in hostels or guest houses where there’s never any fruit around 🙂 Even if you don’t do much cooking when coliving, the fact that colivers voluntarily take turns doing grocery shopping ensures everyone gets access to healthy food on a daily basis!

What I also love about coliving is how the community always shares their food: just yesterday one of my coliving roommates made coliving friends over for dinner and brought home some delicious leftovers for everyone!

7. Coliving spaces has fast wifi, so there’s no need to buy a SIM or sign up for a long-term contract just to have internet access on the go.

8. You meet so many people from different countries and communities

Living with colivers means living in a multilingual home – coliving spaces usually have colivers from all over the world! In fact, coliving is one of the best ways to become fluent in other languages as it’s pretty hard not to practice your second language every day when colivers come from all over the place 🙂 Plus coliving spaces always offer events , workshops , and local guides which makes it really easy to meet new friends that speak your target language. And because colivers care about each other, you can expect support and encouragement wherever you need it!

9. You don’t have to clean up before check-out

Staying coliving spaces means colivers are super laid back about checking out : colivers don’t expect coliving roommates or coliving rooms to be gone when they arrive home! This is very difficult for me because I always feel bad if people have to wait for me… But coliving residents are always understanding, which makes it easier for everyone 🙂

10. Staying in coliving homes lets you explore new cities and countries in a safe community. These days, coliving spaces in remote destinations like Saigon, Hanoi, Tulum, Buenos Aires, Barcelona etc. offer private bedrooms so colivers can stay there much longer than usual 😉 This makes coliving spaces a great option if you’re going to be in one place for a while!

11. You get an instant social life if you want it 🙂

And lastly, colivers are some of the friendliest people I’ve ever met!