9 Reasons Why You Should Cowork In the Mediterranean Region

The Mediterranean region has dramatically emerged as the most popular coworking region for freelancers. Why the Mediterranean? Let’s find out!

  • Reduced living costs– Reduced living costs will attract anyone, especially if you get paid with a higher currency, and get lower exchange rates. This enables one to save some bucks for later. The Mediterranean region has the lowest living costs since it contains both 1st and 2nd world economy countries. This combination balances the spending costs.
  • The Mediterranean lifestyle– If you think that Sea & Sun is the most precious, then welcome to the Mediterranean culture. Currently, it boasts the most vibrant culture in the world. Most of the countries in the Mediterranean possess a very rich history from their mystical Gods such as Zeus to the Spartan arenas. Do you know where Santa is from? Did I mention the World Heritage Site Troy, Mother Mary’s House, Ephesus, etc. As a freelancer, you have plenty of options to choose from in the tourism department. This makes working Fun!
  • What about the language– As part and parcel of the culture, the Mediterranean is enriched with various languages and cultures. As opposed to moving to a region with one language, here Arabic, Spanish, Italian, English, and Portuguese are all present due to the numerous countries involved.
  • Broad Recreative activities– If you are not into freelancing day and night, you’ll probably love the remote working in the Mediterranean. Here, the weather is always nice; a lot of sports activities are present. Even sailing races in all over the Mediterranean and even high seas competitions.
  • Achieving work-life balance– Freelancing has greatly been associated with depression, primarily if you work in an office alone. The Mediterranean diversity helps in relating to people from Africa, Asia, and Europe. It relieves one of too much alone time, and hence give meaning to life. There are also various hotels, beaches, and activities that provide what money cannot buy.
  • SecurityDigital nomads prefer remote offices in the Mediterranean. Countries such as Turkey, Spain, and Morocco have very tight security measures. Safety in your office, home and lives are… guaranteed!
  • Office space availability– Office space availability has recently posed major problems due to overpopulation in most of the countries. Cities such as Shanghai, Mumbai and even famous nomad cities like Bali are currently overpopulated, which gives the Mediterranean edge over the rest. The region covers over ten countries that are not densely populated.
  • Average Timezone– As a freelancer, the most challenging decision is waking up in the middle of the night to communicate with your clients. It is tiresome, nagging…urgh! You name it. Countries such as Australia are way ahead (+7), while some such as the USA are way too back (-8). The Mediterranean is an average time zone (GMT +2) which makes it easier to relate to countries on both sides of the world. This way, you and your clients can have some common time.
  • Adequate Resources-A major challenge solved by the Mediterranean is the availability of reliable internet. There are two ways to kill a person. Give him/her high-speed Wifi and a 2% phone charge, or give him/her a very slow internet with a fully charged phone. Luckily, the Mediterranean region doesn’t put you in either a rock or a hard place. There is plenty of resources right from connectivity, reduced power outages to reasonable telecommunication rates.The above benefits are some of the 9 Reasons Why You Should Cowork In the Mediterranean Region, amongst others. Relocate your remote office to the Mediterranean, and enjoy the benefits of remote work.

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