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Adzerk’s APIs make it easy for engineers and PMs to build their own server-side, fully-customized ad server.

Adzerk provides a suite of APIs for building your own ad server in weeks, not years.

Ad servers are a must for publishers, but third party solutions are flawed: they aren’t server-side, you’re forced to share your data, and they don’t offer much customization. Yet building your own ad server could take years and cost millions. Fortunately, with Adzerk’s APIs, you have the infrastructure tools to build your own ad server in just weeks.

Benefits include:

–More Revenue: Sell engaging, native ad units at higher ad rates.
–Cost Savings: Adzerk saves you from paying for server costs, certifications, and new engineers.
–Better User Experience: Unobtrusive and fast server-side ads prevent attrition.
–Fully Customizable: Create the ad platform you want, with the custom ad units and business rules you define.

Customers include innovative and tech-savvy brands such as reddit, Imgur, Strava, Yummly, Wattpad, Atom Tickets, and more.

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