Go All Around the World as a Digital Nomad

Who says travelling and working altogether can’t be fun? It is certainly possible for digital nomads who can maintain the life-work balance perfectly.

The digital era that we are living in today is gradually being dominated by digital nomads with the nomadic work culture. For sure, being a digital nomad demands perseverance which can ultimately grant long-term success.

The job profile of a Digital Nomad could be yours if you have:

– Utmost dedication
– Undeterred self-motivation
– Creative thinking with no room for blandness
– Passion for constant self-development
– A strong Wi-Fi connection (duh!)

Go all around the world as a Digital Nomad if you want to pursue a fulfilling life with a perfect blend of work and adventure. You can take this blog as a guide to know about things you didn’t know about before.

Let’s start with the basics first;

What is a Digital Nomad?

Here is the simplest definition:
Working online from remote locations is what a digital nomad basically does.

What sort of work a digital nomad does?

Pretty much anything! A Digital Nomad is eligible to perform any task as long as it is of digital nature. Some most popular digital nomad jobs are as follows:

Account Managers
Accountants & Bookkeepers
Consultants & Advisors
Writers & Bloggers
Customer Support
Data Specialists
Digital Marketers
Graphic Designers
Growth Hackers
HR Specialists
Insurance Specialists
Legal Professionals
Marketing Specialists
Project Managers
Sales Specialists
SEO Experts
Social Media Marketers
Software Developers
Technical Support
Travel Specialists
Tutors (language)
Tutors (other skills)
Web & App Designers
Videographers & Editors
Virtual Assistants
Yoga & Fitness Instructors

Ideal countries to travel to as a Digital Nomad

Sadly, the work culture of a digital nomad is not accepted by every country in the sense of proper projects, weak or no internet connection, expensive accommodation or even very strict tax policies. On the other hand, the following are the countries you should definitely fly to for starting off as a digital nomad, for most of them even provide digital nomad visas:

Argentina, Brazil, Croatia, Colombia, Czech Republic, Estonia, Germany, Greece, Hungary, India, Indonesia, Italy, Mexico, Portugal, Spain, Thailand, Turkey, United Kingdom, United States, Vietnam.

The basic concern is about money while living anywhere. You should do research on total estimate of expenses in these countries and plan your budget accordingly. One more important point to note is that you will be required to pay taxes even as a foreigner, hence ideally, you should keep one-third of your total income saved for paying taxes.

Go around the world as a digital nomad with these tips

Now that you’ve gotten the basic knowledge of this career and its criteria, take a look at these tips to travel as a digital nomad:


• Sell-off or donate unnecessary belongings to strengthen your savings as well as to travel light. Get ready to follow a minimalistic lifestyle, since that will be the most suitable for your new career.

• Divide your savings as per your trips which should also cover trial trips. A trial trip is to ensure that the chosen country is suitable for your new life. It should also be taken under consideration that you should not make your final decision based on a few unpleasant judgements. If remote working is new to you, give it some time. It gets better with time.

• Make arrangements for your mode of transportation and accommodation at the cheapest locations beforehand. Make sure to check-up on your bookings before arriving.

• Make a schedule that you can stick with. As a digital nomad, it could be very tempting to wander off more and work less. Following the standard schedule of a conventional office job that works for others might not work out for you. If you are a morning person, create your schedule around that hour and likewise if you prefer to work late. Key is to find the timings when you can be most productive.

Arrange for a steady side-income

Remote work will be your main job but necessarily not the only job. It is wise to always have a steady supply of regular income for covering additional expenses and debts if any. Make sure to get insurance since as a digital nomad, mostly you will be on your own.

Remain active on social media

This is possibly the most important tip among all because this serves two main purposes. First, you can promote your services online so that more potential clients can notice you. Needless to say, your resume on remote job boards such as Nomad Habitat will meet with tough competition. You would have to constantly emerge at the top to be seen. For that, you should promote yourself better with better digital marketing skills. If you have a website of your own, make sure to promote it on social media.

The second purpose social media serves for you is to provide social support. Working as a digital nomad can sometimes be lonesome. You are on your own most of the times and your constant moving around habit too doesn’t help. For this, joining a social media group on Facebook, LinkedIn and digital nomad platforms can be the best option to remain social. You will get to meet other digital nomads around your area who can help with your stay and also give you some pointers.

All things considered

Success is one’s own decision. This phrase applies perfectly on many new work genres that have budded out in today’s day and age. Digital Nomadism is one of the most exciting lifestyles out there which flourish with a balanced combination of determination and skills.

Life of a digital nomad is certainly full of excitement and adventure. It might seem intimidating at first to some, but when you’ll get the hang of it, you’ll see nothing but the positive attributes of working as a digital nomad. Key is to not give up and keep on exploring this nomadic digital work culture. Go ahead, move out and experience by yourself.