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Sometimes you have to cut off your legs to fly: a talk by Garry Junkuhn

Jan 19, 2021
Why I gave up everything to live life as a nomad.

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I completely rebooted my life at 40, selling and giving away everything I owned to live a life as a nomad. This five-year nomadic journey has taken me to experience living like a local in Argentina, navigating Colombian mountains on horseback, living with an indigenous hunter-gatherer Amazonian tribe in Ecuador to diving in ancient cenotes with crocodiles in Mexico. During my talk, I will share with you the valuable lessons from these years, my life as a remote father to two teenage sons, and how I created global businesses to provide fully for their and my economic needs.

I have had to face my deepest fears and find a path out of many uncertain and dark times along the way discovering .

Online talk and Q&A with Garry Junkuhn, father, TEDx speaker, adventurer, and a man embracing his flaws and fears.


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