Latest Past Events

Erase Anxiety

Free introductory guided meditation events every week to help you erase anxiety from your mind. Where your anxiety come from and how to find true peace within? We are here to help you :) Anxiety negatively affects about 18% of Americans 18 and older and 25% of children 13-18 years old every year according to[...]

Neurodiversity – Masterclass Series

Experience a broad range of topics and world-class speakers; from neurodiverse individuals and advocates to researchers and employers. The IoN RDPU presents a Masterclass series on Neurodiversity. Having begun in February 2021, the series will be entering its second year in 2022. We aim to showcase a diverse range of speakers and subjects from across[...]

Introduction to Cybersecurity

Take this intro course to learn how hackers use cryptography to protect (and steal) data. Data is one of the most valuable assets that anyone owns, which is why stealing data is the goal of many cyber attacks. In this beginner-level course, we'll take you into the world of cryptography, showing you how to hide[...]