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Networking is the most crucial part of achieving success. It is vital in communicating with the right people and developing insights and analytics of the operating market. Experts use their networks to ascertain trends, devise plans, and execute campaigns. By using networking as a tool, you can meet new people, expand your reach, and advertise your skills and abilities.

Without networking, nobody knows you exist.

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In a fast-evolving work environment and dynamic requirements of the market, it’s necessary for freelancers and remote workers to build diverse networks that can cover a broad, inclusive spectrum of their relevant industry. For freelancers and remote workers, building a strong network of contacts is always a highly rewarding learning experience. It helps them get in touch with industry-leading professionals and experienced experts. It helps them get their word out to people. 

What happens when you combine an industry-changing initiative and innovative features in the market? You get Nomad Habitat! We’re here to change the way people work, collaborate and create. At Nomad Habitat, we’ve brought all networking possibilities under one roof. Making sure you get the visibility you need is our top priority and we’ve got the features to help you do just that. Through our vast solutions aimed at building networks, we make sure every user grows and becomes a vital part of a highly competitive market of talented professionals.

At Nomad Habitat, there are three free ways of building your network. Freelancers can increase their web presence and promote their background, expertise, business, and projects by:

    • … publishing compelling marketing posts at Nomad Habitat. These posts will be available for free on Nomad Habitat and presented to the right people and companies.
    • … organizing virtual happy hours, so that your potential clients can participate in the happy hours and get an idea of how easily you can handle the job or project they are planning to open or outsource in a short time while enjoying their drink.
    • … participating in virtual happy hours. Although you cannot build a network as good as the organizer, you can captivate the attention and build your network by asking the right questions and targeting the right people in a very casual environment. Furthermore, the contact information of all the participants is shared after the happy hour ends.

Through the video meetings, instructors get a chance to share their knowledge and experience with participants, and participants get to interact and learn directly from the best, all the while making their presence known and increasing their visibility to the industry. This happens in a very casual environment while people are enjoying their drinks. Adding icing over the cake, the rewards are not limited to the instructors only. We have developed our system to empower participants too. Utilizing the interactive features of video meetings, they can interact with fellow viewers, share their opinions, add to the conversation, acquire new skills, and develop their network at the same time.

Virtual Happy Hours is the most dynamic way to grow your network! And it’s completely free for both participants and instructors!

Not only do you get to improve your knowledge, but you also get a chance to show off your talent to the community and build your contacts, while effortlessly engaging in positive interaction with your network. You can now have direct access to the most experienced professionals in your industry with the ability to collaborate and interact with the community directly!

So, whether you’re looking for a chance to shine, or trying to share your knowledge and experience with the world while building your contacts and network at no added costs, then you’ve come to the right place.

FutureLearn Limited
FutureLearn Limited
FutureLearn Limited

Nomad Habitat has been established to promote growth in the people so that they can take control of their ideas, build a strong network, bring forth innovation, and be successful at their game. We’re changing the way the world looks at remote working with the most revolutionary features on the market.
We are always there for YOU, and we’re doing it ABSOLUTELY FREE!