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$5 / week
$5 per week
Recurring – Cancel Anytime
1-week unlimited access
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$12 / month
$12 per month
Recurring – Cancel Anytime
1-month unlimited access
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$10 x 3-months
$30 for 3-month
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3-months unlimited access
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Please read before you buy!

  • Why would I buy the premium job service?

    You can apply for your dream job only if you know it exists! We cherry pick the best remote jobs for you and give you the opportunity to be one step ahead of the other candidates.

  • Is it just another job board?

    It is not a job board – no one needs another cumbersome job board!… Our platform doesn’t display the single jobs, instead, it quickly redirects the users to the original career page where the remote job has been published so that users get the most reliable information from the original source.

  • How often do you update the job listings?

    The frequency can change according to the number of the top quality remote jobs found by our team, but we generally update the job listings not less than 4 days a week.

  • Why is premium job service not free?

    Our research team spends hours and hours to find and cherry pick the best remote jobs for you.

  • Are your remote jobs also listed on the other platforms?

    Our research team finds the remote jobs directly from the company career pages and cherry pick the best ones. Most likely, some of them are already listed on the other platforms but some of them are what we call “hidden gems“.

  • Which countries are the remote jobs from?

    Our research team looks for the remote jobs from any countries as long as they look legit and remote. We can say that most of the remote jobs come from the United States and European countries, being the UK, Germany and France on the top of the list.

  • What type of jobs does your job-service share?

    Full Time, Part Time, Permanent, Contract Jobs and Internships.

  • Is Nomad Habitat a Legit Website?

    Nomad Habitat project is owned by Remote Work Ltd., a UK based company.
    Company Number: 13458591