The Basics of Becoming An Online Entrepreneur – 1

Work From Home

e-Commerce is an online business where people sell goods and services to consumers over the internet. Services sold through e-commerce include things like online courses and IoT smart home devices.

Online businesses are remote by nature so you can set up a remote office in whatever country you want and find employees on remote job sites. The more popular remote job sites include: Upwork, Fiverr, Nomad Habitat, Remote OK, People per hour and Freelancer. You can also sell digital products through your website. Digital products cover many different areas ranging from courses to software as a service (SaaS), which is where companies outsource their IT infrastructures to the cloud via web-based applications.

One of the most popular digital product-based online businesses is Shopify, where people can create e-commerce stores to sell their own products. Other examples include email marketing courses like AWeber and software like Optimize Press which allows you to quickly set up landing page or sales pages for your website that converts at high rates. Another service that makes it easy to start an online business with little technical knowledge is Teachable, which allows you to turn any WordPress website into an online course platform so users can launch their own courses similar to how Udemy operates, but using your own website instead.

As mentioned above, selling digital products online is very lucrative because there are no limits once your business takes off. For example, you could create a WordPress plugin that is only available for purchase through your website and sell it with recurring billing, which means you get paid automatically each month when your customer subscribes. Other examples of digital products include online courses like the ones mentioned above and recurring revenue SaaS (software as a service) such as OptimizePress Pro.

Having remote employees is also a popular option for online entrepreneurs. Remote employees allows you to grow your online business faster because they can work from anywhere in the world while reaching larger audiences, depending on where they are located. Remote workers tend to be more productive than local workers due to less distractions.

Remote job boards will be your first stop when you’re looking to find remote workers. Popular remote work sites include Nomad Habitat, Upwork, People per hour, Freelancer, Remote OK, WorknHire and Jobspresso.

The digital age has opened doors for people who want to become remote entrepreneurs because they can launch an online business anywhere in the world with access to the internet. Working online doesn’t require much technical expertise either which means it’s even easier for beginners to set up their own remote business.

We will add articles to this guide regularly and we hope you will learn the basics about how to start an online business and what remote work looks like with these articles.

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