Essentials of Working From Home

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Coronavirus COVID-19 has forced everyone into isolation. Due to its viral nature, any possible carrier can spread it to surrounding people through everyday interactions. The majority of carriers don’t realize they are infected as it takes an average of 15 days for the virus to show itself. In this scenario, the only way of keeping safe is to be away from other people and avoid interaction.

This means you have to work from home. Although working from home seems like a dream come true, it becomes a nightmare if not done right. Because before you know it, the love of the bed will take over your better judgment and induce laziness in your behavior. Laziness is the death of productivity as we know it.

Below are the things you need to do to keep yourself productive when working from home

1. Environment

The first step of a motivating work-at-home scenario is the formulation of a work-friendly interior setup. This means you have to clear your table, get a comfortable chair, and avoid the bed at all costs.

Secondly, you need to turn off the warm lights. Studies show warm lighting helps your mind relax and get into its comfy pajamas. Setting up cold lighting in your home office is the basic necessity for motivation. Cold light is similar to daylight, makes human beings extra vigilant and attentive. Your intuitions will guide you towards enhanced and energized creativity.

Now you know why offices are always extra luminescent and never incandescent.

2. Collect Stationary

Arrange your stationery at its logical place. Start by collecting your staplers, pens, USB-sticks, portable drives, calculators, and papers together. Then categorize them and put them in their respective table drawers. The idea is to keep every vital thing within reach to avoid the situation where you have to go dig up your entire backyard just for a pencil.

3. Setting Up Your System

Now that you have successfully made all preparations regarding the physical environment, time to declutter your actual cyber workspace.

Start by deleting useless distractions from the desktop of your computer. Create folders and name them appropriately. This is as important as setting up your stationery because computer tools also need to be arranged wisely.

Before you start working, make sure all of your work-specific tools are installed and in working condition. The last thing you need is Skype malfunctioning and crashing as your boss holds an important meeting.

4. Don’t Forget to Assemble the Printers and Scanners

Home printers and scanners are usually neglected when it comes to their need for regular cleaning and maintenance. Therefore, make sure you dust them off and refill the ink. This is very important to do beforehand, because you will have to waste a lot of time figuring out what’s ailing poor old Mr. Printer whose one foot is already in the grave thanks to neglect.

5. Try Portability

Wires and their management can also kill productivity. Consider this possibility, you wake up, get coffee, and launch your workstation only to realize your mouse is dead thanks to its aging wire.

We’d like to suggest investment in wireless accessories. Get a wireless keyboard, mouse, and headphone. They give you the freedom of portability and enable tension-free workflow. Wireless equipment keeps your table decluttered and spacious.

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