How Remote Work And Nomad Habitat Contribute To A Better Society

Remote work contributes to a better society in many ways. Not only does it improve the wellbeing and work-life balance of each individual. But, working from home has positive environmental effects, such as reducing pollution and carbon emissions caused by commuting.

At Nomad Habitat, we strive to support as many employees and companies as possible with switching to remote work. Through the online services we provide, we aim to educate people on the advantages of working from home and equip them with the knowledge and skills needed to transition to this modern work model.

Ways Remote Work and Nomad Habitat Help to Create a Better Society

1. Creating a society where everybody has equal access and opportunity

For years, many highly skilled jobs have been restricted to those who can live and work in big cities. This has made many members of society feel that the only way they can secure employment is to relocate. However, now that more and more industries are opening up remote roles, everyone has access to the work they are qualified for, no matter where they live.

Remote working also gives opportunities to those with disabilities and illnesses. It offers a solution to those who find working in an office setting difficult or have experienced rejection in the corporate world due to their disability. Remote work allows these members of society the opportunity to work from the comfort of their own home where they can best manage their condition.

Nomad Habitat is an inclusive habitat that is accessible and open to everyone. We have a rich community of members from different backgrounds and from all over the world. We promote inclusivity further by posting remote jobs that are open to all nationalities. We strive to show that anyone can begin working remotely, no matter their background.

2. Inspiring life-long learning and further education

When employees and companies switch to remote working, many of them will learn several new skills. Most of these new skills are technical, such as using project management platforms and virtual meeting software. Remote work, therefore, inspires people to increase their IT skills.

Furthermore, many individuals want to work remotely, but their current role cannot be location-independent. In these cases, people take online courses to learn new skills that will apply better in a remote work setup. Specific fields such as web development and coding currently have an abundance of distant work opportunities. People are seeing this and are adjusting their skill set to qualify for in-demand remote roles.

On Nomad Habitat, we have a marketplace full of courses and other educational tools. These learning resources help people develop the skills they need to get started or move forward in their remote work career.

3. Promoting fair work and increasing employability

Equal opportunity and fair work go hand in hand. Working parents have felt shunned by companies for decades because of their need for flexible working to support and care for their families. While some companies have made an effort to cater to working parents, in general, traditional 9-5 office settings are not compatible for those who need or want to work flexibly.

When companies allow their employees to work from home, they support flexible working and become a fairer workplace. With remote work, working parents can experience a better balance between work and family commitments. Working parents also find their employability is higher when they apply for a remote job over an office-based one.

Remote work particularly promotes fair work for women and helps to bridge the gender gap, increasing female employability. Many women, especially working mothers, find it hard to advance their careers in an office setting. In the past, many employers saw remote work only as something women would do for family reasons. However, nowadays, people are choosing to work remotely for several personal reasons.

Nomad Habitat gives a platform for individuals to increase their employability through taking courses and receiving mentoring from a remote work guru. Furthermore, our jobs area features a diverse range of location-independent jobs, which are not limited to specific industries or full-time positions. We feature jobs with part-time hours as well as freelance work with no set hours. These are ideal for working parents and those with other commitments, allowing them to choose their working hours.

4. Reducing poverty

Remote work opens up job possibilities for people worldwide, removing the barrier of inequality in the workplace. Those who were once not considered for a corporate office job now have access to these roles in a remote work setting. Because of this, remote work plays a prominent role in reducing poverty in the world.

Moreover, because employees no longer need to live in expensive cities for work, people can move to areas with a much cheaper cost of living. As well as saving money on rent, employees see other savings, too, such as the elimination of commute and work uniform costs.

At Nomad Habitat, we offer many free resources to anyone looking to get started in remote work. These include how-to articles, a job search service, and online events hosted by remote work gurus. By offering free services to all, we allow everyone to have the opportunity to start making money online without spending or investing money first.

5. Creating a fairer work future

Remote work creates a new workplace dynamic where employers value remote and in-person workers the same. Location-independent working breaks down roadblocks, removes inequality, and increases inclusivity, creating a fairer work future for all.

With that being said, employers need to fully understand the remote work system for the workplace to be fair. As most remote employees work with minimal supervision, employers are not always aware of their workloads. They may continue to assign more tasks than the employee can handle.

Part of Nomad Habitat’s mentoring service is about educating employers on these potential issues. Our gurus work together with the employers to create a fair remote work strategy. They also ensure they have multiple virtual communication avenues to maintain regular and open communication with their staff working from home.

By combining all of the above into our platform, we have created a service that helps individuals and companies smoothly transition to the location-independent work model. As more and more people discover the benefits of remote work and can access valuable services like Nomad Habitat, we will continue to move towards a better society.