Jobs You Can Do Remotely

Who wouldn’t love to work from the comforts of home? There is no added pressure, nor the hassle to reach office on a specific time. Working from home gives you liberty that almost everybody dreams of having at work. Unless you are your boss, there is no other work culture that will offer space while working from home. The only problem to this thought, it is not merely possible. Or is it?

Enter the year 2020! The year that marked the arrival of COVID-19 pandemic, which lead to a series of many unfortunate events, eventually leads to induction of the work from home culture. The idea that was optional before has now become mandatory in many office systems. Thanks to modern digitalization, we have the opportunity to carry on with our work via online modes. It is easy to establish a connection via web meetings, online presentations and interviews. Even better, that most remote jobs pay well! As a bonus, work is available from every part of the world and that too, without even travelling anywhere!

Remote Jobs
Stay at home, but work for the world!
You save on the daily commute; work comes to you!
Work in your own space, comfort zone and freedom to work.

If you were oblivious to the idea of working remotely before, now you get the chance to learn about it more ways than one. We say, in 12 ways!

In this blog, we will suggest you 12 jobs that you can be done remotely from anywhere or for anyone. The following list comprises of top-rated remote jobs that you can choose as per your area of specialization and interest.

Online Tutor

Besides being one of the noblest jobs in the world, teaching is also one of the most sought after jobs as well. Being a teacher demands skills, knowledge, perseverance and flexibility, in terms of adapting to the most suitable teaching methodology. These days online tutoring is favourably looked up, and you can easily land yourself a remote teaching job related to your field. You can widen your horizons and go for multiple subjects if you can handle the curriculum. One of the significant advantages of being an online tutor is that you don’t need to have certain qualifying degrees to be able to teach. Although, most decent jobs make sure of your credibility as an educator via some test systems of their own. Online teaching also requires you to be able to handle the technical stuff, including assignments, exams, and other study projects to be done online. It would be an advantage to know that you can also record your sessions and send it to multiple students for avoiding revisions or re-explaining. Go ahead and apply for an online tutor if education is your preferable niche of career.

Content Writer

As clichéd it sounds, the phrase “content is the king” still holds its relevancy on many grounds. If you look around yourself, you may see the imprints of the importance of content. Billboards, posters, websites, social media, wherever you look, you will observe how vital is content today. If you have the interest and passion for writing, then this field is the absolute fit for you. As a remote worker, there are plenty of content writing jobs that you can easily find online. Copywriter, blog writer, technical writer, social media writer, scriptwriter, and so are the niche that you can follow as a content writer.

Social Media Marketer

This job already has acquired its spot among the top potential remote jobs worldwide. A decent knowledge of social media is needed, along with the pro-active approach to assigned tasks. If you have an interest in social media and have a good understanding of how it works, you can start right away with your career as a social media marketer.

This job isn’t technical, nor does it require any investment from your behalf. Perfect for freshers and startups! Your job responsibilities include actionable plans for social media followers, ensure brand consistency in quality, using analytic tools, campaign management daily, create and implement workable strategies, etc.

Virtual Assistant

Virtual assistance is in full demand these days. As a virtual assistant, your main profile is to provide administrative support from a remote location. The main job responsibilities of a virtual assistant include addressing the administrative queries of employees, answering emails, manage calendar and contact list, online bookings, market research, create presentations, schedule meetings, etc.


If you like to document your thoughts on the most trendy topics, you can undoubtedly become a happy blogger. You can make daily videos and vlog, which is more user-centred and brings you more viewers. The bliss of blogging is that it’s all you! Your thoughts, your terms and only you get to reap all the benefits from it. There are no deadlines, no restrictions, and once your page takes off, you earn good money. Blogging is a long term commitment. Simple advice, you have to be consistent both with time and the quality of your blogs.

Fitness Instructor

One in every ten people follows online fitness instructors for maintaining a healthy lifestyle. One of the significant horrors that the world has faced during the 2020 pandemic is being dangerously unfit, both mentally and physically. Especially at the times of indefinite lockdowns, we all very well understood the ugly sides of a stressed mind and lifestyle. I believe fitness starts with motivation, and that’s the primary task of every fitness instructor. You can get connected to your audience via your channels or you can send them well subscribed fitness videos. All you require is a license that is valid and a solid virtual platform to carry out your interactions. With live classes, you might face minor problems with worldwide time zones, but that also could be solved. Being able to help people along with getting paid for doing what you love makes this profession one of the quickly popularising career choices.


Becoming a consultant is one of the wisest career choices one can make since consultants are always in demand. As a hired consultant, you can guide your clients through several career prospects that you are well aware of, and the key is to have excellent research skills and appropriate knowledge of the concerned field. As a consultant, you could be hired by software development, sales and marketing firms worldwide.


Being digitally active is a boon for business aspirants since they get to gain knowledge from leaders from all over the world. You can become active as an online coach in your field of expertise and share your experience. Companies recruit business coaches on a large scale, and most pay quite handsomely since your clientele would be diverse and people, mostly business startups from all over the world needs professional assistance for their business.

Course Creator

You will be amazed to know that there is a course for almost everything. It usually includes what? How to? And its applications. You can utilize your knowledge and create a curriculum on your own. It has to be informative and practical. Online courses are quite in demand provided that the content is crisp and relevant. There is a solid probability for you to run your online course career all by yourself and also reap the benefits.


All those extra hours spent in foreign language classes in school seems to be rewarding when you get to utilize it as a career. Even if you are proficient in the English language, you can be pretty high in recruiter’s list since English translators are much required worldwide. If you know more than two languages, then you should try this career out.

Payment mode is hourly, and you will be surprised to know how lucrative this field of career is. Being an online translator solves all the problems associated with time and other international barriers. You need to work on your language knowledge. You can get a high amount of work while working as a translator from your native place and translating your language to English or another language.

Human Resource Specialist

With a broader range of operation and candidature, being an HR specialist comes in handy when you could do all your recruiting tasks via online or telephonic conversation. You will be able to provide your services to your company from anywhere in the world at any time. Online human resource management and recruiting has been in practice in many MNCs and is slowly being adopted by others. You can interview a suitable candidate and forward their resume to higher officials without in-person meeting or interview.


With most patient-health worker direct communication being barred in high alert zones, you can still carry on with your healthcare duties via online channels. You can digitally communicate to your patients and provide them advice via online chats or video calls right from your home. Healthcare specialists can perform simple tasks online that do not require physical presence. Being able to be in touch with patients is the best service you can provide.

In conclusion

It is a healthy practice to always look at the upsides of circumstances. If you have been laid off work or lost interest in your line of work, then it is time for you to try out new things. Apart from taking a definite time out, you should go for the above career options and choose one that fits you well. The digital world has a solution for everything. Go on and send out your resume right away!

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