Remote Work Guru: Alessandro Montalto


Alessandro Montalto is a passionate remote worker, former neuroscientist with a PhD in statistical data analysis, who decided to pursue his desire to help other remote workers, companies and leaders create the most burnout-free, connected and productive remote work life.

He quit Academia because he was too disconnected from people and their daily problems. From where he stood, it was impossible for him to truly support anybody. What troubled him was not being able to be there for his family and friends when they needed him the most and, consequently, not being able to deeply connect with them.

Furthermore he burned out twice and went through a deep depression during his academic career. Luckily, he has always been open to a good laugh and to lighten things up, even in the darkest moments of his life. After working a lot on himself with perseverance, enthusiasm and a great sense of humor, Alessandro learned to accept life instead of fighting against it, being at peace with his past, overcoming the fear of the future and being much more present in the moment. He now shares his life experiences with other fellow remote workers.

Alessandro is constantly refining his methods, ranging from CBT to ACT, by constantly studying and improving his coaching skills. In this way, he creates the safest and most nurturing environment for all his clients to express themselves. They become amazing remote workers who are able to co-create the remote work life they really want to live.

Alessandro has 15+ years of experience in remote working. He holds a certification as a life coach and mindfulness practitioner. He created a video course to make the transition to working and leading remotely smooth, healthy and productive. Follow him on YouTube, via his blog, and don’t miss the opportunity to check his video course Remote Work Done Right to make the most out of his willingness to help. He is always very happy to get to know new people and get involved in lovely conversation.