Remote Work Guru: Ali Pruitt


Ali Pruitt is a seasoned remote work traveler, aka digital nomad, with over 10 years of process and workflow improvement experience and 4 years of traveling the world while working. She created Fully Remote with Ali in June 2020 with freedom, flexibility, curiosity and growth as the company’s core values.

After experiencing extreme burnout in 2015 and 2016, Ali decided she needed a change in her life. She sold her house and all of her possessions, and landed a remote job that would allow her location independence. After her first big trip, she knew that the digital nomad life was what she wanted.

Over the next few years, Ali worked from the town of Machu Picchu, the coast of Mexico, the healing lands of Bali, the beaches of Jamaica and Fiji and so many others. All while constantly leveling up in her remote work career.

Early on in her remote work journey, Ali recognized that to really enjoy the freedom and flexibility of remote work, it needed to be managed and work needed to be as efficient as possible. She mastered that, kicking ass at work and at living her best life.

With all the time freedom Ali had, she spent more time focusing on herself. Her number one priority was to recover from the damage that the burnout had caused. She often says “the freedom that came with remote work allowed me to become the very best version of myself that I could be right now.” To accomplish this, Ali had no choice but to learn work-life balance and healthy boundaries.

After the Covid pandemic hit, Ali lost her remote job. She recognized a new and immediate need in the world…remote work-life balance. People were forced into working from home with companies doing their best to manage the transition. Ali’s experience has been helpful for companies and individuals to smoothly transition to fully remote.

With best practices, guidance and support around working from home, Ali helps her clients to unplug from work, manage distractions and interruptions, work from anywhere, feel accomplished and motivated, all while enjoying more balance and free time in their life. She does this one on one or in a group or team setting with her knowledge of change management principles.

Ali is extremely passionate about helping others improve their remote work career while working fewer hours and enjoying more free time. She believes when you’re able to #getshitdone and unplug from work, you have more time to focus on what’s important – you!