Remote Work Guru: Christine Michaelis


Christine, Marketing and Creative Start-Up Coach, founder of the Creative Start-Up Academy, author of multiple books, public speaker, podcaster and workshop facilitator. She has worked in marketing and advertising for more than 12 years before she decided to start her own business supporting start-ups. With her hands-on approach, she has helped hundreds of individuals validate their business idea and create a successful start-up as well as working with small businesses supporting them getting clarity and marketing their business. She has also mentored start-up students at universities across the world.

Christine caught the ‘travel bug’ quite late in her life, compared to today’s standards – when she was 24. Since then she has travelled lots and discovered the world, cultures and has met lots of amazing people.

In 2021 she felt the need to leave her home country, Germany, and decided to move to the UK where she started her business and stayed for almost 10 years before she moved to Sweden. After enjoying just the best of Sweden and its weather, she has finally moved to her dream country: Italy. From there, she continues supporting start-ups and small businesses across the world, remotely of course. She has an array of offerings that are also listed on the Nomad Habitat Marketplace. You can join her Creative Start-Up Academy Tribe for free and start connecting with like-minded start-ups or sign up to the Creative Start-Up Community to develop your start-up or freelancing career further. There you can find online courses, 7-day challenges, participate in the live webinars, download lots of resources and much more. She also offers 1:1 Coaching as well as live online trainings with other experts. She sees entrepreneurship as a way of life, loves the passion that comes from working in that industry and is looking forward to connect with other Digital Nomads.