Remote Work Guru: Fabrizia Zanca


After realizing she needed more flexibility in order to live out her dreams, Fabrizia Zanca set out to find a remote job that would satisfy all areas of her life. Despite the many roadblocks she had to overcome, in less than a month, Fabrizia secured a remote global Recruiter job in one of the best cutting-edge startups from Silicon Valley. With several years of experience in distributed teams and in recruiting under her belt, she now helps others find remote jobs that complement the life of their dreams.

? How Can Fabrizia Help You?

Fabrizia is the Remote Career Coach (and Remote Work Advocate) you need to:

Identify how your work experiences and passion match the Remote Job Market (regardless your location or job field)

Define different new strategies to FIND Remote Jobs that most candidates can’t find (which helps you winning the competition!)

Win the competition against other candidates, by teaching you how to build a Remote-Ready Resume & Cover Letter, so you will get invited to more job interviews.

Rebuild your LinkedIn profile for remote jobs, and get noticed by Remote Recruiters

Prepare you for virtual interviews with Recruiters and Hiring Managers, and finally get hired!

? Amazing! Who does Fabrizia work with?

She loves to work with self-reflective professionals who fight procrastination and get s**t done! People who can trust the journey they have embraced, but also understand that a career change often doesn’t happen in a few weeks. Sometimes it takes a couple of months, sometimes even years. The journey is different depending on each individual situation, but trusting the process is what I ask my client to believe in. She works with professionals with at least 3+ years of work experience, and it doesn’t really matter in which field, as anyone can go remote with the right attitude and strategy.

? I am in! Which services does Fabrizia Provide?

Here is how Fabrizia will support you:

e-Book on Remote Job Searching strategies: From 0 to Remote Job Hunt Hero
Remote Job Seeker Community
Online Course
1:1 individual program (Remote Career Accelerator)