Remote Work Guru: Jo Dodds


Jo Dodds is the founder of POWER to Live More CALM, a membership site for home based coaches and consultants to enable them to get unstuck, get stuff done, and get to live more.

Jo started her first business in 2005 and very quickly became overwhelmed with all the activity that she brought into that business through her over enthusiasm, excitement, and lack of focus. Like many small business owners, she said yes to many things that she probably should have said no to, and took on lots of different activities whilst trying to work out what her mission in life was.

She started a business before social media was a ‘thing’, but very quickly was helping small business owners to set up their own websites and then, when social media came along, she specialised in that.

And as things have become more and more overwhelming and digital technology and that ‘always on’ culture has taken over many people’s lives and businesses, she has moved into helping homebased coaches and consultants to be more productive and get to live more, which is what she describes as getting to do more of the things that you want to do, and less of the stuff that you don’t.

Jo’s on a mission to help small business owners to be more productive, more organised, healthy and happy and to be doing what they want to do, rather than doing what they end up having to do because of the circumstances they’ve created for themselves.

She went through her own challenges in 2011 and 2012 where she had a seizure in the night, brought on by working too hard and too much and, subsequently, deaths in the family reminded her how important it is to focus on the journey, not just the destination and so POWER to Live More was born in 2013.

She focuses on her five fundamentals of self care, simplify, systemse, share and sustain alongside digital marketing and online marketing strategies to help home based coaches and consultants to improve their business whilst enjoying that journey.

POWER to Live More CALM is a membership site with a number of levels. The initial level is Gold where members, very much DIY their own productivity and wellbeing, using the resources that are available.

CALM stands for Community, Accountability, Learning, and Materials, which gives you some idea of what’s included within the membership. It’s all about enabling coaches and consultants to do the best job that they can, without having to reinvent the wheel, and without having to work on their own in isolation.

Jo can help with website development and podcasting (she’s been podcasting since 2012). She’s also an AWeber Certified Consultant, so she can help with email marketing and marketing funnels alongside all the productivity, and wellbeing, tips and strategies and the one to one coaching that she does with her Platinum Mastermind members, and her bespoke clients.

She lives in the UK, in Kent in the South East of England,about an hour from London and five minutes from the Channel Tunnel. She can see France on a good day from her office!

Jo started her business in 2005 to enable her to work from home to have a child, and Little Doddsy (now not so Little!) is involved in the business herself now including being the co-host of the podcast, recording the introductions for the guests and also helping to put together online courses for one of Jo’s clients.

She can also be found, for many weeks of the year, working from her caravan somewhere around the UK, often in a field in the middle of nowhere. Solar panels, modern technology and mobile internet have freed her to ‘live more’, and do more of what she wants to do, even more!