Remote Work Guru: Pricelda Cid


Pricelda Cid is an Occupational therapist specializing in Ergonomics. While she spends most of her time talking about ergonomics and how to make workspace comfortable and awesome she also spend a considerable amount of time coming up with ways to stay healthy while working away from a traditional office setting.

She started her career in health care working nights, weekends, and very inconvenient times. She pivoted her career in health care to focus on ergonomics after realizing just how hard people work but still end up injured because of small little work habits that could have easily been changed. These work habits include working long hours, strains on the body, and deadlines pushing peoples bodies to the limit.

In recent years she focuses her entire career on talking about poorly adjusted work spaces, bad work habits, and how they affect the body. This is why she provides 1 to 1 consulting with people who work from anywhere in the world and different types of surfaces. Her goal is ensure to ensure people stay healthy and happy from 9-5.

Reach out to Pricelda if you’re interested in individual coaching and group workshops on ergonomic and wellness. Let her help you find the correct ergonomics equipment to work and travel with or discuss different ways to stay healthy while working.