10 Signs You Should Quit Your Job And Become A Digital Nomad

Become a Digital Nomad
Transitioning from a 9-5 office job to a digital nomad job that allows you to work from anywhere in the world is a significant life change. And while everyone at some point dreams of working from a tropical beach, for many, the digital nomad lifestyle will always be just that, a dream.

But what if your desire for change is so strong that quitting your job and flying to Bali consumes your thoughts every day? What if you believe there has to be more to life than the four walls of your office? What if you have had enough and are ready to take the leap?

If this is how you feel, congratulations on deciding to change your life for the better. However, we know from experience that making such a big transition can bring many fears and doubts. It’s only natural to find yourself thinking, “Am I cut out for this?” and “Is this the right thing to do?

Indeed, remote working is not for everyone. Some people will thrive and excel in this lifestyle. However, others will struggle with the difficulties of having a digital nomad job, such as lack of focus and feelings of loneliness and isolation. Here are ten signs that the digital nomad lifestyle would suit you and that it’s time to make your dream a reality!

1. You’re itching to travel, see the world, and explore other cultures

If you’re a homebody, you will simply not enjoy nomadic living. To be a digital nomad, you have to possess a natural wanderlust and desire for adventure. If you struggle without your home comforts or are not open to other cultures, you’ll end up back in your old office job in no time.

2. You question the status quo and refuse to settle for an average life

If you tend to do things because “it’s what everyone else does,” you will not cut it as a digital nomad. However, if you feel an intense urge to rebel against what society tells you to do, you’ll thrive in this lifestyle. Getting a digital nomad job and moving to a new country is boldly going against the grain. You carve out a life that works for you without caring what others may say or think about you.

3. You want to manage your own workload

If you can no longer bite your tongue when your inconsiderate boss dumps another pile of work on your desk, it’s time to work for yourself. Most digital nomads work freelance, where they choose the jobs they take on. Others run online businesses where they have complete control of how they spend their days.

4. You’re confident meeting new people (Or you’re an introvert and don’t need the company of others)

When working remotely, you’ll need to meet and connect with other digital nomads to make friends and build a social life. If there is a large digital nomad community where you base yourself, making friends won’t be hard. Even so, you’ll still need to be confident to speak with strangers and in groups.

Alternatively, suppose you’re an introvert and are happy to live and work alone without others. In that case, you will probably do pretty well too!

5. Organization and time management are excellent skills of yours

One of the hardest things about having a digital nomad job is knowing how to best schedule your days. These skills are vital as without them, you’ll too easily miss deadlines (and potentially lose clients), or you’ll feel overworked and stressed at the end of each week. But, if you’re great at managing your time, you’ll enjoy a healthy and happy remote work/life balance.

6. You’re resilient and handle unexpected changes well

When you become a digital nomad, you say goodbye to job security and consistent income. Although it is possible to find digital nomad jobs that are permanent positions, most freelance jobs are temporary contracts. This means your income and your workload could very likely be inconsistent.

Sometimes you’ll be snowed under, while other times, you’ll experience ‘dry patches.’ If you can handle these ebbs and flows and not feel anxious on the weeks you don’t earn much money, you” enjoy this lifestyle much more.

7. You’re good at managing your money and sticking to your budget

Because of the nature of remote work, you’ll need to be money savvy. Working out your average monthly income and creating a spending budget based on this will help you create a sustainable life on the road.

8. You’re independent and have traveled alone before

Before you quit your job and move to another country, you should travel solo at least once. Suppose you already know you can navigate the world well independently and don’t need to rely on others. If that’s the case, you will likely thrive as a digital nomad.

9. You have savings to fall back on

Preparing for the unknown is vital. Not only could you lose clients or underestimate your cost of living. You will also need to account for unexpected changes such as global pandemics or emergencies back home. Having some savings in your account to cover unforeseen circumstances will reduce financial anxiety and allow you to continue living your nomadic lifestyle.

10. You already have a job you can do remotely

Lastly, if you already have some form of remote income, you have a huge advantage. Whether that’s a part-time online job or passive income from an online product you sell, you’re in a great position to make your dream come true today!

Final Thoughts

If, after reading this list, you believe you could nail the nomadic lifestyle and feel ready to do so, then go for it. Becoming a digital nomad isn’t as difficult as most people think. Nothing is stopping you from getting started today by researching locations and figuring out your finances. Moreover, like with everything in life, it begins with a decision. Once you decide to follow your dream, you’re halfway there.

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