Digital Nomad Visas – I (Greece and Croatia)

There is no doubt being a digital nomad is one of the best career options out there amid the pandemic, following remote work culture, not being confined in an enclosed office space. Moreover, many countries including European nations have started acknowledging the significance of digital nomad work culture as a great opportunity for their economy to flourish. On that account, even countries like Greece and Croatia have administered certain special visas for digital nomads.

In this article series, we will talk about digital nomad visas, entry requirements, application procedure and terms in all of the countries that offer digital nomad.

First things first, what is the situation with digital nomads amid the worldwide lockdown 2021?

Travel restrictions due to COVID-19 are one of many obstacles that digital nomads have to face these days. However despite all odds, digital nomads are getting more international attention in terms of the advantages they bring along while working remotely from a foreign country.

Digital nomads work on tourist visas in many countries and have to leave the country once it expires. For digital nomads working in European countries, Schengen visa allows a stay of 90 days maximum within 180 days period. This is the present set terms of visa rule that all digital nomads have to follow, although countries like Greece have shown their interest in allowing special visas for digital nomads.

On the whole, digital nomads are offered certain universal options for visas. Take a look at these options before you embark on your adventure as a digital nomad.

Normal Visa options

Before travelling, digital nomads will have certain visa choices for immigration. These are some of the legitimate ways a digital nomad can work in a country:

  • Apply for a tourist visa which has expiration duration of 90 days. Overstay is not considered legal, hence not recommended.
  • Get a long-stay visa if you’re planning on stay longer than 90 days. According to European Union’s new visa rule, long-stay Schengen visa can be allotted for a stay for 1 to 5 years. Although, there are certain conditions to be fulfilled for that.
  • Get passive income visa. At present over 20 countries offer passive income visas. Passive income visa is applicable for people not actively working for the income such as income from renting out property, pension, annuity or silent business partnerships.
  • Get a working holiday visa if you are under the age of 18 to 35 and possess health or travel insurance. Over 60 countries allow working holiday visa.

Digital Nomad Visas; Greece and Croatia

Greece Digital Nomad Visa

Ideal candidates: Anyone who’s looking for a change of lifestyle and work culture should consider going to Greece on a digital nomad visa. Greece has a lot to offer in terms of jobs related to art, blogging, online marketing, website design & development, etc.

Best cities for digital nomads in Greece: Thessaloniki, Rhodes, Patras, Athens, and many more.

As per a mutual agreement between Greece’s Ministers of Migration and Foreign Affairs, a special visa combined with tax incentives will be implemented for digital nomads. This is an important endeavour to attract permanent foreign investments.

Greece Digital Nomad Visa Requirements

  • Applicants should apply for Schengen visa which allows stay of 3 months (90 days). For staying plans for less than 3 months, a tourist visa is sufficient instead of a residence permit, although Schengen visa is mandatory regardless the purpose of your stay in Greece.
  • Applicant should not be a tax resident of Greece for the last 5 years.
  • Applicant should be a tax resident of a European country other than Greece.
  • Applicant should extend their services in Greece and should stay in Greece for a minimum duration of 2 years.

By the end of 2020, Greece’s Parliament issued a new law with reduced income tax rules for digital nomads, almost by half!

Digital nomads who qualify for the visa requirements will likely get 50% tax reduction for the next 6-7 years.

The application process as well as the confirmation of the reduced tax information of the new Greece digital nomad visa will be issued once completely approved by the government. Once confirmed, it is estimated that it will take 2-3 months to process digital nomad visa.

Croatia Digital Nomad Visa

Ideal candidates: Seekers of a culturally rich environment, low cost of living and scenic outdoors as the working set up for their nomadic work culture should definitely apply for Croatia digital nomad visa.

Best cities: Split, Zadar, Rijeka, Brac, KrK

On January 1, 2021 Croatian Government launched the digital nomad program which took on full effect from March 2021.

Croatia allows digital nomad visa up to duration of 12 months with no extensions. There are certain requirements to be fulfilled to procure Croatia digital nomad visa that are as follows:

Croatia Digital Nomad Visa Requirements

  • Applicant should provide proof of being a digital nomad, through client statements, employment contracts, etc.
  • Applicants must be a third-country resident with no work history with Croatia or Croatian employees.
  • Applicant should have no criminal background in their home country.
  • Proof of income (€2500 EURO per month), proof of current travel or health insurance, copy of valid passport, proof of your Croatian address (hotel or BnB address, rental agreement).

Digital nomad visas allow free passage to digital nomads to live in a foreign country legally for a certain period of time. The work culture of digital nomads is very unpredictable and location independent which is facilitated by digital nomad visas. In coming years, more countries will allow long-term visas for digital nomads to be able to stay and work there. As long as there is a stable internet connection and a decent laptop by your side 24/7, you as a digital nomad are good to take your business anywhere you go.