Do you want to become a Digital Nomad? We’ll tell you how!

Let’s just be straight forward here; the Pandemic 2020 has taken quite a toll on everyone! There is no secret that especially job sectors are affected the most. In such circumstances, many are either losing their jobs or switching careers to more suitable options. What job could be suitable amid the terrible COVID-19 adversity, you ask? Well let’s just say, think digital!

Digital world seems to be the only sector that is least affected from the inevitable downfall of global economy. That is because being digital is all about being adaptable and innovative. What else could be better than a job that involves no physical contact, no commuting problems, and freedom to work from anywhere and all the while getting paid on regular basis? Independent work locations or remote jobs are the most sought after career options now. Versions of digital jobs could be the answer, trendiest of which is the career of a digital nomad.

So how do you define a digital nomad?

Simply putting the literal meaning of the words “digital” and “nomad” together, a digital nomad is a remote worker or a nomad who usually travels to various locations and operate digitally altogether. Since a lot of travelling is involved, this career is perfect for those who love to travel and prefer location independent jobs.

If you think you are cut out for this job then becoming a digital nomad should be your main preference.

Now, the real question: how to become a digital nomad?

This blog is here to help you on all that.

  1. Know about various ways to earn money

The very first thing digital nomads do is to find remote jobs online. Brushing up resume and related preparations comes along after you know about the jobs that can allow you to work as a digital nomad.

Account Managers
Accountants & Bookkeepers
Consultants & Advisors
Writers & Bloggers
Customer Support
Data Specialists
Digital Marketers
Graphic Designers
Growth Hackers
HR Specialists
Insurance Specialists
Legal Professionals
Marketing Specialists
Project Managers
Sales Specialists
SEO Experts
Social Media Marketers
Software Developers
Technical Support
Travel Specialists
Tutors (language)
Tutors (other skills)
Web & App Designers
Videographers & Editors
Virtual Assistants
Yoga & Fitness Instructors

The list does not end here. There are plenty more other options!

Visit these remote job boards for quality job deals:

  • AngelList
  • Nomad Habitat
  • Fiverr
  • FlexJobs
  • LinkedIn jobs
  • Nodesk
  • Upwork
  • Virtual vocations
  1. Things to take care of before turning over a new leaf

Don’t make hasty decisions about your new life. If you have a job, it is strongly advised not to quit right away. Make some solid savings first, strong enough to be able to support you for your new remote life.

When ready to move, get rid of your belongings in a way that will be help you and others as well. Sell stuffs you don’t need on Nomad Habitat Marketplace or you can even donate them.

With a clear mind and backpack, you can think for ahead properly and follow the next steps given below.

  1. Ideal destinations as a digital nomad

You can start with any country of your choice, to be honest but just a heads-up here; some countries are not too welcoming for digital nomads. Not sending out any wrong ideas, this simply means that you might not find cheaper hotels or strong internet access in such countries. On the other hand, many countries like below will not give you a hard time while your stay as a digital nomad:

Argentina, Brazil, Croatia, Colombia, Czech Republic, Estonia, Germany, Greece, Hungary, India, Indonesia, Italy, Mexico, Portugal, Spain, Thailand, Turkey, United Kingdom, United States, Vietnam

  1. Planning & Execution

When you find the perfect job to pursue, the next step is to decide on how you are going to manage your nomadic career digitally. This step can be done beforehand if you are sure on your job prospects.

  • Get a work visa if you are planning to travel abroad. Write “digital marketer” as your profession in your visa application.
  • Planning proper business set-up is very important for digital nomads. You can start with choosing the best Wi-Fi connection since that would be the foundation of your business set-up. Make sure to download an efficient virtual private network for accessing internet in some places that don’t allow internet connections.
  • Calculate your overall budget to be spent on your daily hours spent on a stable Wi-Fi connection and start saving as a sole-proprietor. Hire an accountant who can help you with keeping your accounts in check. You can find many who have worked with remote job workers before.
  • Manage your indigenous or foreign taxes. As a digital nomad you should be more concerned with the latter more. You can lower your taxes by initially working with countries that don’t give digital nomads a hard time, for example Singapore is the best place to begin with.
  • Having a paypal account is very helpful to fulfil your banking needs. You can also apply for travel credit card for interruption-free overseas transactions.
  • Keep around $5000 in your savings account for future aspects or more importantly, during a state of emergency. As a digital nomad, you are 90% on your own in a foreign country, having some back-up plan is a pretty wise idea.
  1. Get yourself insured before leaving

Digital nomads travel a lot and with such spontaneous work nature, there are some risks involved as well. In a stranger country, with no proper acquaintances or relatives to look for help when in need, insurance is your best buddy. You can look up health insurance services suitable for your work role easily online.

  1. Accommodation and transportation

You might have observed some people with laptops sitting at coffee houses or libraries for hours. Chances are high that most of them are digital nomads. As one, you can stay near urban areas in apartments, B&Bs and also look up local classified Ads for short or long term accommodation. You can visit for short term and quick accommodation arrangement.

Public transport is the usual choice to get around but if you can afford and want, you can also go for a rented vehicle. You can rent a bike to move around. It’s far more convenient and affordable than a car.

In conclusion

Leaving a job that you’ve always known and starting a new one that seems risky, can be pretty intimidating in the beginning. But you will see that with proper planning and execution, you can shine in your new career as a digital nomad. Finishing up with the advantages of being a digital nomad, that will also help you to make up your mind:

Independence to work on one’s own terms has to be the biggest advantage of being a digital nomad. Following are other benefits that come with this job:

  • Independent life and work ethic.
  • You get to visit new co3untries, learn new language, culture and meet new people.
  • Your savings will be augmented since most of your accommodation will be cheaper.
  • No more daily commuting or office related issues.
  • Above all, you will be your own boss!

Take a leap towards a new life via career as a digital nomad. Just make sure that all the aforementioned points’ checks out before you make the deciding move.

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